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SMT basic skills competition
2023-07-12 14:56:49 Author:Idealink

In order to enhance employees' work enthusiasm and labor skills, enrich their spiritual life, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere. The "SMT Basic Skills Competition" organized by the SMT department with the participation of all SMT staff was successfully held on June 15, 2023 at 8:30 am. The competition items include loading and unloading, receiving materials, operating standards, professional knowledge Q&A. Through skill operation competitions, examine one's shortcomings in operation skills, and conduct targeted, effective, and comparative learning and improvement. At the same time, it allows everyone to form a good mutual learning and competitive work enthusiasm in their daily work, cultivate good professional ethics, motivate employees to strive to improve operational skills, promote efficient and high-quality results, optimize the team, highlight individuals, and showcase style.