Material Purchase

Material Purchase

Idealink has a stable and reliable electronic material procurement channel, and can flexibly provide a cooperation mode of partial material outsourcing or labor and material outsourcing. With a professional team and a strong supply chain system in the Pearl River Delta, the company provides customers with BOM improvement, component replacement selection, and full BOM material solutions every year. The professional quality inspection department strictly controls every incoming material, avoiding a series of problems caused by quality failures of self purchased materials. Experienced procurement teams and BOM engineers are familiar with the characteristics and processes of major suppliers and their products, selecting cost-effective components and providing effective solutions for you. Thus providing strong guarantees for customer research and development sampling, and delivery of small and medium-sized batch products

Procurement Channels
Having stable, high-quality, and long-term cooperative supplier resources gives us advantages in price and after-sales service.

Quality Control
A professional procurement team conducts strict screening of supplier qualifications, and a dedicated IQC conducts quality control of incoming raw materials.

Warehouse Management
A storage environment that meets industry standards, a reasonable and standardized material control system, and storage processes.