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Fully Automated SMT Production Line

Fully automated SMT Chip Processing Production Line.It is an efficient electronic manufacturing production line that can achieve automated welding of circuit boards.
This production line consists of multiple automated equipment, including printing machines, SMT machines, reflow welding machines, testing equipment, etc.

Solder Paste Printer

MPM125 and Panasonic SP18 are both classic equipment in the field of fully automatic solder paste printing machines, known for their high accuracy and stability
GKG G9+ is a rising star in the fully automatic solder paste printing machine industry, printing 0201 "and Pitch 0.35mm IC.

Panasonic Mounting Machine

SMT project

Process capability

PCB Size

50 * 50~750 * 550mm (using fixtures for<50mm)

PCB board thickness

0.3-4mm (using fixtures thinner than 0.5mm)

Component size




Component spacing

IC minimum spacing 0.3mm, BGA minimum spacing 0.4mm

Component height

Up to 15mm

Number of feeding stations

286 (8mm)+20 Trays

Placement accuracy

Chip ± 0.040mm; QFP ± 0.035mm

SMD capability

8 million points/day

3D Online SPI Solder Paste Detection

Koh Young SPI is a reliable SPI in the industry with a market share of over 50%. Ensure the printing quality of the 0201 pad and the 0.25mm ball diameter BGA pad.

JT Lead-free Reflow Soldering

JTR-1000-N/JTR-100 reflow soldering has precise temperature and good insulation performance. Nitrogen protection can prevent oxidation, improve welding wetting force, reduce solder balls, avoid bridging, and reduce BGA bubbles. The actual nitrogen oxygen content in reflow soldering can reach below 800PPM.

Online AOI Detection

AOI for each SMT line standard configuration.
Fully meet the detection requirements for 0201 devices and 0.35mm pins with a pitch.
Dedicated and professional engineers debug to ensure the effectiveness of testing.

X-RAY Test Equipment

The maximum product size that can be inspected is 550 * 550mm. Closed tube, 90KV can tilt 60 degrees, high-definition FPD, pixel matrix 1536 * 1536, can automatically calculate BGA bubble ratio.

Service Guarantee
  • Scheme Design
    Support sample making, one piece can be pasted, loose materials can be pasted, and plugins can be soldered.
  • ERP docking
    One stop solution from PCB to steel mesh, components, and SMT.
  • Installation and Debugging
    Flexible production, fast delivery time, and lower prices.
  • On site training
    To solve the problem of poor cooperation between large and small factories, as well as the poor production level of small factories.