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Mount Huangshan tour of group construction
2023-07-12 14:49:10 Author:Idealink

Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has been raging and has repeatedly kept people at home for two years. "When the epidemic is over, I want to go out for a walk, see the mountains, see the water, see the crowds, see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland" expressed the aspirations of many Chinese people. In the spring of April 2023, the company will organize employees to participate in a three-day trip to Mount Huangshan Mountain, aiming to let everyone feel free in the season when everything is beautiful, get away from the intense work pressure, and have a close contact with nature through spring outings.

The company office prepared in advance and made overall arrangements. In the morning, everyone gathered at the company, and the Jiangxi factory and Changshu headquarters departed separately. After a 6-hour long journey, they finally arrived at their destination. After finishing their meal and checking in at the hotel, everyone fell asleep with full anticipation. The next day's trip to Mount Huangshan witnessed the majesty of Mount Huangshan. After arriving at the scenic spot, you can transfer to an environmental car to go up the mountain. Along the way, you can see the Lotus Peak and Lotus Peak, overlook the Yuping cable car, climb the Haohan Slope, and arrive at the Yupinglou scenic spot. Here, you can experience the wonders of welcoming pines in the world, overlook the most dangerous peak of Mount Huangshan, Tiandu Peak, and watch the rare stones of Mount Huangshan, such as "Squirrel Jumping to the Tiandu", "Yuping Sleeping Buddha", and "White Elephant Stone". Afterwards, walk along the Lotus New Road to the Lotus Hall of Lotus Peak, and admire the strange stones such as carp jumping over the Dragon Gate and peacocks playing with lotus flowers along the way. Later, climb the Guangming Peak, the second peak of Mount Huangshan Mountain, and look at the mountains here. There is a sigh of "if you don't climb the Guangming Peak, you can't see the scenery of Mount Huangshan Mountain". Before leaving, everyone was still taking photos in front of Hongcun as a souvenir. On the third day, we will visit Hongcun, the "village in Chinese painting", where the lakes and mountains are beautiful, and the Natural landscape and cultural connotation are complementary. Then go to visit Tunxi Old Street, which is a pedestrian commercial street embedded in green mountains and waters, with architectural styles from the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. It is known as the flowing Qingming Riverside Map. After taking a break in the afternoon, we ended our pleasant three-day journey and embarked on our return journey.

The three-day trip to Mount Huangshan witnessed the towering mountains and the humanistic customs of the beautiful countryside. After the double baptism of vision and soul, we set out again in a happy mood.