Engineering Technology

Product Management

With more than 16 years of engineering technology and management team, we have rich experience in product design, process technology, testing technology, assembly aging, quality and reliability, and can help customers quickly transition from product design to high-quality mass production.

Design for Manufacturability and Failure Analysis

We can provide manufacturability analysis to customers from an early stage, shortening product development and manufacturing cycles. The engineering team can assist customers in analyzing failure and warranty return issues, continuously improving products, actively providing preventive methods, and minimizing potential problems

Production and Testing Process Development

We have a dedicated process team to design process and testing solutions that meet customer product requirements, which can meet the one-stop process implementation from PCBA to group packaging, as well as testing requirements for appearance, impedance, functionality, and aging

Product Certification

We are a 3C and energy-saving certified factory, with a team familiar with the product certification process and long-term cooperative laboratories. We can help customers apply for product certification and provide value that exceeds customer expectations