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Good news! Celebrate Idealink won the bid for electronic price tag purchase of Guoxin Ceramics Cube in Jingdezhen
2023-06-09 22:03:03 Author:Idealink

Recently, we learned important good news that the electronic price tag project launched by Suzhou Idealink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully won the bid for the electronic price tag purchase project of Jingdezhen Guoxin Ceramics Cube Ceramics by virtue of good product quality, excellent technical advantages and first-class industry service experience and through numerous examinations. This year, Guoxin Porcelain Cube Ceramics will further cooperate with Idealink, gradually and comprehensively use the electronic price tag scheme provided by it to carry out the comprehensive marketing and sales of Private label "Jingdezhen" series of ceramic products.


As the leading enterprise among the eight major porcelain producing areas in China, Jingdezhen Guoxin Porcelain Cubic Ceramics selects the overall electronic price tag scheme of China Science Core Union, and carries out price marking, publicity, promotion and sales with its main ceramic products. It is an extremely pioneering and forward-looking major measure and the first to open the market. By using the traditional Jingdezhen series of high-quality porcelain with distinctive features and using the electronic price tag products manufactured by Idealink based on advanced technology of the Internet of Things for distinctive pricing, display, and promotion, it will definitely cause good reactions and evaluations in the industry.



The electronic price tag launched by Idealink can facilitate users to query product details, evaluations, and source tracing information during the appreciation and use of porcelain; At the same time, it also facilitates businesses to flexibly adjust prices for porcelain display, promotions, and other activities, and update inventory information in real-time. The electronic price tag scheme of Idealink has truly realized automatic management and Paperless office operation throughout the process, while also effectively saving resources, reducing costs, achieving green environmental protection, and is a high-quality product with great potential in the industry.