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New Starting Point, New Journey - Warm Congratulations Idealink Entering the High tech Zone
2023-06-09 22:00:49 Author:Idealink

New Starting Point, New Journey - Warmly Congratulations on the Official Admission of China Science and Technology Alliance to Changshu High tech Zone Yuchang Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park

On March 1, 2022, Suzhou Idealink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed a new and strategic milestone in its development history - the company relocated to Building 5, Yuchang Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park, Changshu High tech Zone. In order to ensure the smooth relocation of the company, the employees of Idealink, from top to bottom, worked tirelessly and tirelessly, withstood various difficulties and pressures, and achieved the great feat of non-stop production, non-stop work, uninterrupted business and operation, and parallel decoration and production in about a month, which is truly delightful.


The new office and production workshop of Idealink has a comprehensive area of over 3500 square meters. In addition to the office, production workshop, and warehouse, there are all kinds of facilities, including conference rooms, reception rooms, and employee restaurants. The infrastructure is complete, and the overall environment has been greatly improved compared to before.



      The workshop floor adopts a brand new anti-static design and is strictly laid according to ESD production design standards. In addition to being equipped with outdoor ground stakes, the production workshop, electronic material warehouse and other working areas have also achieved full coverage of ESD epoxy flooring, with a measured resistance value of 10 Ω; The SMT workshop equipment has also undergone significant renovations, with the addition of an online 3D solder paste detector SPI and a brand new nitrogen reflow soldering with an oxygen content less than 800PPM.




      At the end of 2022, Idealink passed the external audit of ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and ISO9001 Quality Management System, and obtained certification; The new production management MES system has been introduced, and these improvements in soft power have taken the company's overall management, service, and information technology level to a new level.

      Providing customers with value beyond expectations and providing employees with a stage to realize their career dreams, Idealink has ushered in a new starting point and journey of rapid development in the Yuchang Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park of Changshu High tech Zone. With the comprehensive improvement of software and hardware facilities, as well as the overall internal and external environment, the sustained, rapid, and healthy development of Idealink has gained new vitality; All employees of the company, along with these, have gradually established a new face and filled with new hope. With a more firm belief, full enthusiasm, and solid work style, we will strive to do a good job and strengthen the company's core business, provide more professional services to customers, and make greater contributions to the high-quality, rapid, and comprehensive development of Idealink.